The Ancient Greek and Latin Dependency Treebanks

Latin Data

All of the Latin texts have been annotated using a standard production method in which two people independently annotate each sentence and a third reconciles their differences. Currently in version 1.5, the treebank is comprised of 53,143 words from eight authors. All works are freely available for download under a Creative Commons license.

AuthorWorkAnnotatorWord count 
CaesarB.G. (Book 2 selections)standard method1,488
CiceroIn Catilinam 1.1-2.11standard method6,229
JeromeVulgate: Apocalypsestandard method8,382
OvidMetamorphoses: Book Istandard method4,789
PetroniusSatyricon 26-78 (Cena Trimalchionis)standard method12,474
PropertiusElegies: Book Istandard method4,857
SallustCatilinastandard method12,311
VergilAeneid (Book 6 selections)standard method2,613


All files: ldt-1.5.tar.gz, which contains: