Support Perseus

The Perseus Project needs your support. We offer this web site as a free service. While we have been very fortunate to receive grants and support from many parties, the job of creating on-line collections that document human culture is daunting. Help us expand our collections and improve the services that we can offer. In order to add more materials to the Perseus Digital Library, we need support from our friends. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the project.

Adopt a book! Sponsor a collection! We display the funder for each text and image in the Perseus Digital Library. Some books cost many thousands of dollars to place on-line, but for a gift of $1,000 or more you can have a credit line for a professionally entered, well tagged on-line book in Perseus. The funder's credit will be a permanent part of the catalogue entry for this electronic book. In the Perseus Digital Library, each electronic page would include a line such as:
Mary Cole provided support for entering this text.

If you would like to support the entry of particular books or collections of materials, please contact Perseus at

Download the support form in PDF format. You may also utilize the on-line Tufts advancement site. [Please indicate "Perseus Project" in the "Gift Designation 3" section of the form.]
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